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MSB Fundraiser - August 3

MSB is excited to announce a fun and delicious fundraising activity! 

What? Pie Five Pizza in Flowood is donating $2 to MSB for every pizza and drink order for customers with a MSB – Pie Five coupon.

When?  This event starts Wednesday, August 3rd and will take place on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. during the months of August through December.

How does it work?  Coupons will be available through the MSB office and will be updated weekly.  (Coupons are date-specific.)

How can you help?  Although we are unable to post the weekly coupons to our FaceBook page, we can make as many copies as needed (attached).  We can distribute them via email, send them home with students or you can pick them up from the school office.  Please help us spread the word by sharing these coupons with your friends and family as well as church and civic groups. 

We encourage families who may be coming to Jackson for registration on August 3rd to stop by Pie Five on Lakeland Drive after leaving campus to show their support for our school.

Don’t forget the coupon!  We won’t get the donation if you don’t take the coupon.


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